Zero Waste, Minimalism, Slow Life: Book Recommendations

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I am an avid reader, and I love to educate myself on the most interesting topics through books. So when I look to improve myself or my lifestyle, I will search for books, that have valuable information. Nowadays, you can find topics about everything you want.
Over a few years, I read different books that I think lead one to another, and finally, I am here. It’s interesting to observe the way mind changes, what subjects become interesting, how that changes whole personality and lifestyle.

slow life, minimalism, zero waste book recommendations

Some of the books are well-known across the world. They stirred up many people, started new trends. Good trends, I think. Always consuming, always busy – that’s not in human nature. We also need the downtime, to choose quality over quantity. Not just put it up for the show, like snapping pictures suitable for trending lifestyle and sharing it on Instagram, but living this kind of life, naturally. So I think that trend needs to become a norm that doesn’t surprise as something extraordinary or doesn’t look unapproachable, as if it’s not meant for everybody.

slow life, minimalism, zero waste book recommendations

Hence, this blog post about the well-known, and the less-known, but equally entertaining and life-changing books. No need to follow them word by word. Take what you find suits you, and apply it to your life. If you are a reader like me, I think these book recommendations will be enjoyable.


slow life, minimalism book recommendations


Little Book Of Hygge and Little Book of Lykke by Meik Wiking, and Lagom by Linnea Dunne

Aka the Scandinavian lifestyle. Scandinavian style and lifestyle exploded all over the world together with Hygge. Everyone was crazy about coffee & cinnamon buns, candles, and hygge-ing. Then Lagom came along. It taught about fika, and how is less is best. Lagom är bäst. I jumped on the same wagon, and although felt like a copycat and pretentious at first, I was enjoying my hygge evenings with candles, tea, and daydreaming. I praise hygge, because it helped me deal with my current job, my loneliness, and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I consumed lots of sweets that Winter and felt good while doing it. Buy it on Amazon here.

 I found lagom more appealing then general minimalism, because it was not about throwing everything away, and painting your walls white, with matching furniture. It spoke about enjoying the little things, spending more time in nature and the present moment. Comfortable and simple clothing style, something that allows moving outdoors freely no matter the weather. It also influences us through contact with nature, to care about the environment. Buy it on Amazon here

 Little Book Of Lykke talks about all the things above and more. The importance of being part of a community, as social beings. When we connect with others, we feel safer, and therefore, happier. Buy it on Amazon here.

minimalism book recommendation

The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

KonMari method marks the start of minimalism popularity, to me. I picked up this book mainly of my interest in Japan and things related to this country. It was already popular back then, and everyone was reading it. 

I read it with interest and decided to apply her suggestions to my room. It used to be a mess of things and papers, all thrown around the table and desk, stuffed in drawers and the big wall cupboard. It was fun to throw everything on the floor, then spend hours going through stuff, gradually throwing away so much, it took me many turns to take everything out in the garbage bin. I also admit I haven’t thought about the impacts of throwing out so much stuff, as I would take into consideration now. I just gave up on so much, that looking back now, I can tell it had a huge impact on me. And as KonMari mentioned in her book, after doing all this, I did have a huge headache. 

My room was beginning to take shape. I have later minimised furniture in my room, changed most of it, then also changed wallpapers. By myself. Without ever doing it before. It took me a couple of youtube videos, and I transformed my room into a place where I could enjoy living. In the end, it was this book that inspired me to go this way.

If you’re ready to declutter your home, buy this book on Amazon.

zero waste book recommendations

zero waste book recommendations

Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson

When I finally discovered zero waste lifestyle and wanted to learn all the essential ideas and tricks, I knew I had to buy her book. My copy is rather worn because after reading it once, I had looked through it a handful of times, when looking up ideas I could underline, or a recipe I wanted to try.

It’s a highly suggested book for all who are new to zero waste, but I’m sure even those, who are already familiar with this lifestyle, will find new ideas. Buy it here.

slow life, minimalism book recommendations
Destination Simple by Brooke Mcalary

A short little book in minimal design written with a specific purpouse – to teach one how to simplify life. The whole book is a ”how-to” textbook, following one lesson after another. Suited for people who want to know exactly what to do to simplify their life. I found this approach less appealing than in the following book. If you think this is your kind of book, grab it here.

Seeking Slow by Melanie Barnes

Also a small, but a cute book about slow life, and different aspects, including rituals, home, health, and living seasonally. While this book is not a textbook, teaching you how to change your life, it’s full of information and ideas. It’s easy to get immersed in this book and savour it for some slow reading. 

The author is also a blogger at Geoffrey and Grace, where she blogs about a slow life. Get the book.

slow life, minimalism, zero waste book recommendations


Have you read any of these books? Have you read any other books that influenced your life to change?

  1. Laurel

    Thanks for the book recommendations. I have read the Marie Kondo book and spent 40+ hours reorganizing my office/guest room, which is now beautiful and functional – before it was a disaster. Good for you for doing your own wallpapering – that’s not an easy job! Another book I’m re-reading at the moment is Wabi Sabi Simple: Create Beauty. Value Imperfection. Live Deeply, by Richard Powell.

    • redheadinwoodland

      I spent several hours just cleaning out my room. It was overwhelming when I put everything on the floor because I had so much of everything, mostly papers. I threw away a lot that night and had been having less stuff ever since. Removing such items feels good because it took me long enough when moving with what I still have. But with less stuff it’s easier to find exactly what I need.
      I think that practising wabi-sabi is good to learn how to value simple things and imperfections.

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