Slow Morning: How To Find The Best Routine

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Our morning routine defines the rest of our day. If you wake up feeling tired, you will most likely dread the day ahead, feel sleepy and grumpy. Even worse, if you have just enough time to jump in your clothes and rush through the door without a moment of thought. All this talk about the importance of breakfast has no room here.
I recognise myself there a little. Well, it used to be hectic in the dark time of the year when we wake up with dark, drag ourselves from bed, and prepare for the day bleary-eyed. I’m guilty for not having a proper morning routine during Fall/Winter, because sleep is essential for myself, and others, who suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). However, I think that general satisfaction of life can affect how I feel waking up every day, and I will start to enjoy my mornings despite the season.

Spring is different.
There’s no longer a need for lights in the morning, and it doesn’t throw daggers in your eyes, it’s becoming easier. Our bodies are adapt to wake up with natural light.
Can you imagine people waking up with natural light? That was before the cities and corporate jobs. People still managed to do the work that current season demanded from them. We no longer do seasonal work, but do the same tasks we are required to do, come snow or shine.
morning routine
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I wanted to share my morning routine with you, so that you would also notice the beauty of slow morning, and start your day with a positive mind.
Waking up with the sunrise
I find this to be an exciting time when many are still asleep, it’s quiet outside, and the waking world seems to belong to you. Towards Midsummer, sun comes up earlier and earlier. Sometimes I don’t need an alarm clock, the light makes me want to get up naturally. My eyes are open and I get up without effort.
It’s easy to get up earlier in Spring and Summer, and during hot summer days, it might as well be the only time when you can enjoy the comfort of cool air.

morning routine

Fresh air and exercise
Many enjoy a morning run, stretch, or yoga. I prefer bicycle. Especially when there’s nature around, going for cycling first thing in the morning wakes me up as well as a run for others. Taking your dog on a long walk, playing together, watching sun coming up can also be beneficial.
The main rule – it’s not supposed to be a workout, but rather a gentle exercise for the day ahead.
If you choose to exercise indoors – open windows and let that fresh air inside!
morning routine
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Slow morning
I hate rushing in the morning. Ringing of alarm shakes me from sleep and I usually feel grumpy. Or lethargic if it’s dark outside.
But waking up with light and doing everything slow feels great.
An ideal slow morning routine to me includes a warm beverage, like tea or latte. I also prefer to enjoy this beverage only in morning, so that the process of preparing and enjoying it would feel like a routine.

I prefer brewing myself a matcha latte.


Preparing breakfast and eating it without rushing through, will also put you into a mood.

When we don’t rush through our meals, we can set the pace for the day and continue doing our work composed and calm. If you hurry through your morning, you will try to keep the tempo through the day, and feel tired soon.
You can do all this and even more on your morning routine over the weekends. Sleeping to your heart’s content, stretching out and staying for as long as you want, reading in bed with a mug of tea – I feel the weekend vibes already.

morning routine


Do you have a morning routine? What does it look like?

morning routine

morning routine

morning routine

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