How Creativity Helps Anxiety

Let’s talk about mental health, particularly, anxiety. Anxiety has become a common problem in the modern world and the busy lives we lead. Lately, global pandemic has been another source of uncertainty and worry in lives for many of us. I noticed that being creative helps me feel better so I did some research and I found that creativity helps anxiety.

My story of anxiety dates back several years.

Before I knew what was wrong with me I thought I’m sick and something is wrong in the physical body for the way I felt. So I went through different health checks only to be given a suggestion to see a psychologist because my body was absolutely healthy.

It turned out that I helped myself because the first psychologist I met couldn’t even tell me what’s wrong with me. I found it myself after coming across the terms ‘panic attack’ and ‘anxiety’ and with huge relief finding that this is my answer.

creativity helps anxiety
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Creativity and anxiety

For a long time, as long as I fought anxiety, I was searching for ways to help myself.

I found that being alone and bored is the open door for anxiety. And as an uninvited guest it is, it would always come.

So what could keep it away?

Meeting people, socialising, as far as my introversion has allowed. I am a proud introvert who values time alone with my hobbies ad thoughts, but I also know that regular contacts with people outside the home walls are important. 

The dark time of the year – Autumn and Winter – would make me seek company more often than the rest of the year.

However, socialising isn’t the only way. Keeping yourself busy is another.

That doesn’t mean working more to escape problems, because overworking would breed more anxiety and make you exhausted.

Having hobbies and starting creative projects is a relaxing and at the same time, exciting activity.

Things that require time, effort and your full focus.

As an author of the book The Creativity Cure Carrie Barron wrote:

‘So much of daily living in a tech culture involves solving with a click. Longer processes, though they can be messy, unclear, and frustrating, also offer opportunities for pride, stretch, and personal, concrete satisfaction.’

creativity help anxiety
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Immersing ourselves in the creative process makes us happy. That’s contradictory to a belief that we are happiest lying down on our beds watching shows. The longer the process, the happier we are. As scientists proved, 2 hours of creativity per week helps reduce anxiety. 

Even in your busy day you can spare some minutes to clear your head and allow your creativity to flow. The more you use it the more you will have.

Some days I loved to play an ambience video on Youtube and immerse myself in creativity for some time.

Creating something with my hands or writing made me feel happy and I lost track of time. 

I found that creative work is also making me enjoy what I do and by nurturing my creativity I can become a better creative and build up skills as a creative business owner.

Creativity and work

You don’t have to leave your job and become an artist to become happy.

Of course, if that’s your dream you should go for it.

If you are happy with the way things are you can still keep your career and have creative hobbies. You should approach creativity as something fun and laid-back without limiting rules.

Physicist Albert Einstein loved to play the piano and violin. But we all know him as a scientist and inventor.

Thanks to a creative class Steve Jobs was taking he created typography for Macintosh. The products of Apple are known for their innovation and design.

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Walk in nature, meditation, starting creative projects can help you be more creative and energetic in your work.

Whether it is painting, crocheting, or playing a musical instrument you should make it a habit of your daily life.

Whatever you enjoy doing don’t make the mistake of listening to what others say about your skills. You don’t have to be perfect and flawless in your creative interest. You should enjoy the process of learning.

Creativity and health

Creativity helps anxiety by reducing the stress hormone cortisol.

By nurturing your creativity you can also live longer because creativity stimulates certain brain areas.

John Hopkins conducted research where six jazz players’ brains were scanned as they played music. It was found that during the process activity in the brain region responsible for thought and self-monitoring was reduced. 

In other words, when we are creative, or move our bodies we don’t have time for worrying thoughts.

If times we currently live in makes you anxious, or you are having a hard time coping with SAD, why not introducing some creative hobbies into your routine?

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creativity helps anxiety

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