Zero Waste, Minimalism, Slow Life: Book Recommendations

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I am an avid reader, and I love to educate myself on the most interesting topics through books. So when I look to improve myself or my lifestyle, I will search for books, that have valuable information. Nowadays, you can find topics about everything you want.
Over a few years, I read different books that I think lead one to another, and finally, I am here. It’s interesting to observe the way mind changes, what subjects become interesting, how that changes whole personality and lifestyle.

10 Things I Stopped Buying (Zero Waste)

Are you interested in starting your zero waste journey to make your home healthier by introducing healthy, non-plastic, non-chemical products? In this post I’m going to share how I did it.
Another reason to start zero waste lifestyle is that it saves money. Some items can be bought in bulk, others are meant to last longer than wasteful counterparts, or can be simply made at home in larger quantities out of buying ingredients.