Interesting things to do at home

How are you all? I hope you’re safe at home, spending time with your family members. Not under the best conditions, but now, more than ever, slowing down is important. Although it’s Spring in Northern hemisphere, we are required to stay home. Unless you always worked from home, your schedule is disrupted, quarantine has cancelled your plans. It takes a lot to stay home for a long time too, so you must find something to occupy yourself with. I compiled a little list of interesting things you can do at home.

Slow Morning: How To Find The Best Routine

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Our morning routine defines the rest of our day. If you wake up feeling tired, you will most likely dread the day ahead, feel sleepy and grumpy. Even worse, if you have just enough time to jump in your clothes and rush through the door without a moment of thought. All this talk about the importance of breakfast has no room here.
I recognise myself there a little. Well, it used to be hectic in the dark time of the year when we wake up with dark, drag ourselves from bed, and prepare for the day bleary-eyed. I’m guilty for not having a proper morning routine during Fall/Winter, because sleep is essential for myself, and others, who suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). However, I think that general satisfaction of life can affect how I feel waking up every day, and I will start to enjoy my mornings despite the season.