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Slow life inspired by nature

Hello and welcome to my blog for creative business owners and others who seek to slow down in their lives, to live in nature’s rhythm of seasons. I want to help you to improve creativity, connect with nature, feel inspired by finding simple things around you. 

When we welcome outdoors to our lives in every season and weather creativity starts flowing. That’s why it’s important to look up and around in our busy lives. 

Mental health is also highly inspired by our lifestyle, and in my blog I would like to talk about ways to improve your mental-wellbeing, because I have been there.

Through my blog I seek to inspire, educate and help others struggling with the same problems. If you were in the place that made you feel far from your true self, if you worked in the job that seemed to deny your true spirit, and if you cannot keep up with fast pace anymore, this blog is a welcoming place.

I dislike ads because admit it – it’s annoying when they take up so much space and disturbs reading. In order to keep my blog ad-free and continue doing what I like – sharing interesting content for you, I invite you to support through Ko-fi. Donations can be as low as a cup of warm drink.

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