How To Hack ‘Slow Life’

Slow living is ‘it’. Beige and light aesthetic on Instagram picturing women in linen dresses, and flat lays showing a set of book, cosy sweater and a cup – it’s the popular and sought-after lifestyle.

I can’t deny the ‘feel good’ message and effort put in shooting such pictures, but it doesn’t show the reality.

Aesthetic definition in the dictionary is: concerned with beauty or the 

slow life

appreciation of beauty. “The pictures give great aesthetic pleasure.” As the example sentence shows, cosy items are there just for the pleasure of your eye, to invoke longing in being part of this lifestyle and that’s how people can become interested in living slowly.

I like this

blurb about slow life

by House Of Flint, who described it well in a few words. 

Declutter your home

Let me just tell you upfront that there is no way in ”hacking” slow life and no badge to mark that you’re living this way. You can’t wear certain clothes or surround yourself with certain items to live a slow life. Although, what you wear and how you decorate your home could be a good starting point.

Look at your wardrobe and ask yourself if the clothes that you own express who you are? Do they make you feel comfortable or are they following the latest trend?

Living a slow life means you listen to yourself more and choose the clothing that empowers you and makes you feel comfortable. You will live a more conscious life and choose to buy clothing from sustainable brands, or thrift-shop, as opposed to fast fashion, who is a major polluter. Don’t be too quick to throw your clothes out, either. If they are small for you or don’t suit you anymore, sell or donate them. Extending the lifespan of stuff is a sustainable practice, and slow living is sustainable living.

Take a look at your home and see the big picture. How well do you feel there? Does the amount of stuff makes you comfortable, or does it cause you stress because of upkeep? Do you like the colours of your home?

declutter your home

First of all, you can decide to declutter and give away furniture in good condition (check Facebook groups for local furniture giveaway clubs) or throw away broken. But don’t just leave it at your garbage pickup. Check where you can deliver your unwanted furniture. The same goes for your household electronic devices – sell, give away, or take it to the local pickup point for utilisation.

When decluttering /changing furniture and the entire look of your home consider what furniture you really need, browse giveaway groups, and vintage markets for rare items. Sometimes the budget might not allow you expensive furniture. I had replaced the furniture in my room, as well as wallpaper over several months, by buying one or a few items at a time. The change wasn’t overnight, but in the end, I created a light, cosy, and decluttered space.

My bedroom was the place where I had spent time after work and on weekends, relaxing and enjoying my hobbies. When I moved I could only bring half of the furniture, due to size and available space in the new home, so take your life situation into consideration: are you living in the place where you settled down, or do you plan to move? If you plan to move sometime in the future, can you bring your belongings with you, or that might not be possible? 

When you free your space and eliminate distractions you might then want to continue changing and start improving your life. 

For example, by slowing the pace of your work. It might not be possible if you work in a corporate job, but if you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur – you manage your time.

There’s one good way which many bloggers will suggest to you.

Start a planner or journal

Journals and planners – some people turn their insta feeds in the aesthetic pleasure of notebook pages filled with neat handwriting and decorations. The habit of keeping a journal might seem like a form of art only meant for creative people, but that’s not right. You create your journal.

You choose the notebook, your pen, and whether you want to decorate the pages or not. You can always browse online stores like Etsy for printable templates, make your own, or download my free planner template and free journaling prompts. No sign-in is required. Feel free to print and fill in, or use as a reference.

slow life

It would be best if you could spare time to set goals in your planner for the day, in the morning. Then come back and review or journal your experiences and feelings in the evening. Or just choose the suitable time of the day when you can shut out everything else and concentrate on your notebook.

These were but a few suggestions to get into the slow life mindset and even if it’s not a hack, it will help you. By preparing your home, or environment, and organising your mind, you won’t notice when you start to slow down your pace.

slow life

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